Sunday, November 4, 2007

09. Blue Man Group

I think I mentioned that I was going to see the off-Broadway show Blue Man Group last week. And it was very interesting and reminded me so much of my good buddy Jan! (Jan, you should apply:P ) They have shows in other places like Boston, Vegas, Chicago etc and even in Berlin(Du sollst nicht warten, Jan!) and Tokyo! Last night another roommate went to see the show. He was also impressed. They're funny AND CRAZY! You can watch a little clip here that I found on YouTube.(In Chinese we say "U-2-B". Cute, huh?)

The next evening, I continued with yet another off-Broadway show
Walmartopia which I thought was really good. Nice small theatre, witty dialogs and really great voices. I was a bit overwhelmed that they actually dare to bring up the issues and scandals of Walmart. The crowds are around 50s or 60s. My friend Jimmy and I seemed to be the youngest in the audience(and we're both over 29). For some reason, watching the show reminds me of my sweet dear sister. (I'm glad you quit and have your life back!) A big thumb-up from me. Read the review from New York Times here.

That's all the report for now. More New York events are coming up. I'm all psyched!

Wan An! (or Zao An?... It's morning now!)

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