Friday, November 9, 2007

11. Whacked by the Spotlight (literally)

我掛彩了! 我今天從桌上摔了下來,接著被聚光燈敲到,嚇死我自己也下了不少人。

Yes,it was me. No, I wasn't drunk (was about to though). In the middle of the opening night, just during the intermission, as I was jumping off the table with the followspot set up on the quite unstable tables, I fell, and so was the light, right on my head! I got two swollen bumps. But I survived. (ouch!)

Tonight was the opening night. Everyone was excited and yet nervous about the show. I practiced with maneuvering with the lights just before it actually opened. I did quite fine except the light was heavy and we had to stand on a chair on a table while it was sitting (hardly) on the table as well. All I heard as a big BANG!! and then I knew something heavy fell on my head. Maybe more than once. I stood up immediately and thought, "DAMN! Not now!". Later I was told it fell right on my head. Gee. Lucky I survived.(whew!)

Well, the light broke. We have to replace a new one. And now I feel a bit trembling when standing next to it, let along controlling it. But I will have to deal with it. I'm not a wimp ok? I have to deal with the fear within. (and fingers crossed...)

Tonight's show was really great. After the curtain fell, we greeted each other and congratulated each other. "お疲れ様!"(Great show!)

Wan An! I'm gonna get a icepack for my head...(still ouch!)...

Come see our show!! It's really great!

More on the follow spot light here.

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