Saturday, November 3, 2007

08. Finding My Inspirations = Movie Theatres

I would have never thought about going to the movies unless it's very cheap--and it was!

One day while walking down Third Avenue, I checked out a movie theatre that said only $6 for Fri, Sat and Sun shows before noon. Ever since then, I tried my best to catch at least one show or something just for the sake of it.(Otherwise it's like $10 or even $15 per ticket in some cases.)

People who know me would know that I have a huge thing for movies. I'm just a movie buff.(who still uses that term anyway?) I find that movies really not just enrich my mind but also nurture my soul. And I find it therapeutic somehow looking at the moving images in the darkness. I don't know. I dig that thing. Somehow I can find inner peace and at times feel that I am getting close to finding myself more. Marvelous.

Today I watched three movies(not at that theatre on Third Avenue though). They're: Gone Baby Gone, Blade Runner:The Final Cut, American Gangster. Good, good and great. I was surprised to find myself having a mini Ridley Scott film fest. He made some really great movies such as Thelma & Louis(watch Brad Pitt's road to stardom), Black Hawk Down and Gladiator(with his protégé Russell Crowe). You'll love Ridley Scott, too. I mean, the folks even applause at the end of the movies you know!

For some reason I didn't eat the whole day until like 4P.M. I bought a HUGE combo of popcorn and coke. These things can really fill your stomach up. You never know!

After I got home, I saw two more movies on TV. Night at the Museum(sweet!) and Bee Season(heavy but enlightening). What a day!

They just changed the day-saving time here in the US. It was officially a week later than last year. Funny how human CAN regulate the nature.

I'm dead beat so chat later....zzzzZZZZZ

Wan An!

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