Friday, November 9, 2007

12. TOEFL Score

Two posts in one day. This just happened after I wrote about the head-bang.

TOEFL news! I just checked my TOEFLiBT score unwillingly after such a disastrous day.(Got fined 4 bucks at the library, and got banged on my head by a 50lb. light, just to name a few) I got my score out.

Surprise. Surprise. (YEAH! I had to shout in glee even before Christmas!) I got a total of 109 points(out of 120). It was way better than I had expected!

我的托福iBT成績 (11月9日公布)
Reading 閱讀: 26
Listening 聽力: 26
Speaking 口語: 29
Writing 寫作: 28
Total 總分: 109

During the time preparing for such costly and yet pain-in-the-neck exam, it took me quite some breath and a few minor heartaches, the episode has come to a closure I guess. So thanks yo out there cheering me up and giving me courage and strength. At some point, I felt if I won the Tony's!(sorry, was watching The Producers on TV)

To sum up the EVENTFUL DAY, I would say it was full tears and laughters, pains and joys.

Wan An!


joyce said...

hey congrats! i told you you had nothing to worry about. :)

JT said...

Joyce! You are a great pal! Thanks for supporting me always! :)