Monday, October 8, 2007

01. Wan An New York!

Whow! I can't even believe that I am writing another new blog! This time I'm reporting from New York City, the capital of the world (don't try to argue with a New Yorker... but not me la!)

I hope to bring the latest reports and news and stories to make it a journal rather than a memoir. That means: Write a few posts per week rather than write a book about if after like 6 months.

Comments and questions are all welcome. Just post it here or email me!




hazel said...

Wow Jerry! I bet you had Shabu Shabu (or as my grandpa calls it Swishy Swishy)at the exact same restaurant my family always visits! You made it to Flushing! That is so cool! I wonder if you will have the time to try out "Joe's Shanghai" - they used to have really really good crab dumplings there (with the soup inside. Great Blog-made me miss my family.

JT said...
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JT said...

Hi Hazel!
The Shabu Shabu really made me homesick:) And I gotta try Joe's Shanghai some time hehe. How's everything in Munich? I love your new photo btw!