Monday, October 22, 2007

06. The 'Trump' Brand

They say that Donald Trump owns nearly a quarter of New York. And he is sure good at marketing himself and making a brand of his own name. For instance, Trump Tower, Trump Hotel, Trump Bar, and even Trump Ice Cream!(I wonder how it tastes like). His new book ' Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life ' has aroused quite some stirs in New York. Bill Maher called his book 'doesn't have a smart title' (under research, check back soon ), but I was actually quite anxious about having a glimpse of the New York real estate mogul. But as I was preparing for the TOEFL test I missed a few book signings. But that doesn't matter. I went to visit his house today at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. (see picture)

This one is the set of ' The Apprentice', where all the actions took place. Dude, wasn't I a big fan of the show or what. I used to get so psyched about it just when the title theme ' Money, Money, Money' started to play. I was a really good show. (The first few seasons.) Anyway, it really opened my eyes. So when I actually entered the building, it was as if I suddenly became one of the contestants! And I even took the very elevator (after, u-huh, the rest room) and the best(worst?) part was as I walking out, pushing the revolving door, I could almost hear the background music playing in my head. (This is what happens after Donald says to them, " You're fired!")

Ok, there you go. I've been dreaming about making it big in the big apple... but for now. Let's sit down for a cup of Latte and some Banana Nut Loaf on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, it wasn't 'Trump Coffee' or 'Trump Cake'.

Wan An!


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