Thursday, October 18, 2007

05. "Tuo-fu" (not food, ok?)

"Tuo-fu"(托福), in Chinese, refers to the TOEFL test. And yes, the devil
has caught me.(Help!)

Lately, I've been so overwhelmed preparing for the TOEFL test which I
enrolled two weeks ago. It's kind of mad when one come think about
how obsessed I am with this test. Not that it is so difficult or
anything (it sure isn't easy) but how much I ANTICIPATE myself to
achieve. It's just mad.

I can easily drive myself crazy even just I made a little bit of
mistake, especially during the Speaking Test part. Come on! People!
Stop saying "It's easy! For some one's level like you." First of all,
thank you for saying that. But the truth is I also get pressure from
myself (which is the biggest BTW). It feel like I'm trapped in a cave
looking for a way out but not sure if there are any that exist. I made
a big mistake by holding myself high so that when I drop, it damn

Tomorrow afternoon is the test, I hope, I know I'm gonna make it
alright (after all those practice) but I definitely can't get careless
or the price may be expensive (ca. $150USD). Okay, it's silly to think
about failing so just do my best and we'll see.

Wish me luck and fingers crossed!








下回回報分數了! 晚安!



joyce said...

you're going to be FINE on that test! why are you even worried?!

anyway, i'll be checking on your ny blog regularly, so keep blogging! :)

i miss ny, will try to make my way out to visit. :)

JT said...

Well, that's SOOOOOO comforting after hearing you say that :) Thanks, girl! Yeah, I don't get it myself even why I am worried about it... :P

P.S. Are you coming to the Halloween Parade??

El Ray said...

Jerry Tai!
unbelievable! i wanna know eeeeverything you´re up to jaja! i got your MASS mail and just checked out your blog. you guys know, he´s responsible for sending me to bangkok jajaja! thanks again man! so tell me about new york and your trip, keep in touch,

El Ray.

JT said...

Servus el ray!

I missed you in Graz! I was there you know! Plus, I should have gone to Thailand with you. We could have had partied all night long in Bangkok... so ein mist! :)