Monday, October 8, 2007

02. Starstruck

Borders is one of the biggest chain bookstores in America. They often hold book signings and stuff. And I've been anticipating this coming event: A performance and signing from Ethan Hawke promoting his latest work, The Hottest State, which written and directed by himself. I took note of it in my calendar like 2 weeks ago and even gave up a trip to Boston. And before I knew it, the day had arrived.

Well, I like him in the movie Before Sunrise, Gattaca, and even dated back to Mystery Date. Anyway, I heard he wrote a book, had a band, and now he's going to perform right in the bookstore, I couldn't get more excited to find out. But this was really not my day. When I got there, it was way passed the session and, actually it was already the END of the session. As soon as I stepped in the bookstore, they were putting away the folding chairs already. Oh, no!

"I knew it!" I told myself, feeling regret and frustration, I just stood by the bookshelf checking out the other titles instead while getting a grip of the last moments (while everything was ending) and then BOOM! There I saw Ethan Hawke still hanging around, talking to the staff or audience or whatever, he was all cool, friendly and nice. Well, I actually wanted to take a quick photo but gave up the thought (I'm no paparazzi!) and anyway, I saw him shaking people's hands and saying thank-yous, and then put on his shades and my direction!!

Relax! He was just walking pass by me. But to me, that was already starstruck enough. Wow, he walked passed by me and I wanted him to be in my movie! (aha!) I remember walking in Vienna back in 1998, I couldn't help but to felt as if I was in Before Sunrise the movie itself. I tried to look for the scenes and places where he and Julie Delpy walked by. I think I found the fountain and that was that. Such a romantic movie. And of course, Before Sunset was also great. I love that director Richard Linklater.

Seems like New York is getting brighter and brighter with the stars that pass by me. Literary.

Borders是美國一間有名的連鎖書店,並且也常常舉辦例如與作家面對面、新書發表等等活動。數周前我就已經聽說有一場伊森霍克的簽名會,期待了好久終於這一天來到了!這是為了他自編自導的新片【最炎熱的國度】作宣傳。還會有現場表演呢! 伊森霍克的作品大家還熟悉吧? 沒聽過的人google一下吧!

沒想到...等我到的時候竟然已經在收椅子了!! 擎天霹靂!!虧我還特地留在紐約沒去波士頓說!我就眼睜睜的看著工作人員把椅子一張張的收起來,我只好在旁邊的書架上隨便翻翻書,就在這個時候...伊森出現了!!

原來他還在跟工作人員聊天! 我雖然很想偷偷拍一下照,但是怕被誤認為狗仔(有拿傻瓜偷拍的狗仔嗎?)想想便作罷。就在這個時候,他跟大夥兒握手道別,戴上太陽眼鏡後便朝我這個方向走來!天哪! 頓時好像時間暫時停止一般,平常電影裡、電視螢幕裡的大明星,就和我擦身而過,我想只有在紐約才會有這樣的際遇吧? 頓時覺得紐約真是星光閃閃! 日不暇給呀! 下次追星要早點出門!!



Kate said...

Why didn't you say hi or something to Ethan Hawk? It's not your style!

JT said...

My friend said the very same thing too! Why does everyone thinks that I should have talked to him...well, I certainly will next time, to show my diplomatic skills hehe.

Thanks kate!

Mizuho said...

Hi, Jerry!
It's really great to know that you've started a new life in NY and you seem to be enjoying it a lot!
The autumn of NY sounds very nice to me. Here in Beijing, I look up the gray & dusty sky everyday...
Anyway, take care and keep in touch! Good luck on your TOEFL!

Mizuho @ Beijing

JT said...


How's your new life in Beijin? I sure want to visit there so badly now that since you are there with Makun.

You can't believe how happy I am now!! (smiling) Please send my regards to your lao-gon!

Ma-ta ne!