Saturday, October 13, 2007

04. Autumn in New York

I know, I know, you wanna tell me this sounds so cliché. I guess what I was trying to say was, that autumn has finally arrived here in New York. After Columbus Day, the temperature suddenly dropped down to 54 degrees F (about 15 decrees C). And even the sky has turned gray. After a couple of rainy days, today is finally another clear day with better weather. I was surprised to find that I actually had been expecting this weather for a long time. I mean, while I was in London, it was bloody cold and when I got here, it felt like summer for like a month (Hallelujah!) and finally, the best season in New York has arrived. Great!

So, what have I done in such seasonal time? I rode the bicycle around town (3 blocks to the supermarket), walked around in Central Park(looking for a restroom), and, MADE A PIZZA!(now, what's that got to do with this?) Aha! My first pizza in New York.

Wan An and bon appétit!


雖然這句【Autumn in New York】聽起來很老套,但是我要說的是,紐約的秋天終於在千呼萬喚中露出微笑了。其實我以經期待這一刻滿久了,因為人家都告訴我【紐約的秋天最美】。歷經了倫敦酷冷不安定的天氣之後,來到紐約可說是宛如夏天一般(阿彌陀佛!),讓我好好享受一下這裡的夏日陽光,而一切都在 哥倫布日之後落幕。從前天開始天氣就一直變天,一下冷到15度左右,但是老實說,我還覺得這種天氣不錯呢!

出去走走吧! 騎著單車(到附近不到五分鐘的超市),走在中央公園裡(找廁所),還在朋友家裡做了一個比薩(好像跟主題不搭?),重點是,秋老虎走了,冬天的腳步近了。

晚安! 請好好享用我做的比薩吧!(不要再流口水了!)

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